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Aluminum Dip Brazed Chassis Assembly for the Aerospace/Military Industry 

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Aluminum Dip Brazed Chassis Assembly
Aluminum Dip Brazed Chassis Assembly
  Working for a customer in the Aerospace/Military industry, TCS Industries manufactures this Gyroscope Chassis Dip Brazed assembly.  It consists of 8 separate pieces manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum with thickness of materials ranging from .25 to 1.5 and machined to tolerances as tight as .00025.  All eight of the Chassis components are put through an Aluminum Dip Brazing process and are manufactured under the following Military specifications: AWS C3.7M / C2.7:2005, AWS C3.2M / 3.2:2008, AWS B2.2 / B2.22010 and Mil-B-7883.  The final products are finished in Yellow Chromate Mil-DTL-5541 in under a 12-week delivery time frame with volumes exceeding 400 per year.

Project Details:

 Product Name  Gyroscope Chassis
 Product Description  Brazed Chassis
 Project Scope  Eight piece Dip Braze Assembly
 Capabilities Applied  Aluminum Dip Brazing and Precision Machining
 Tightest Tolerance  .00025
 Material Type  Aluminum 6061-T6
 Material Thickness  .250 to 1.500
 Product Length  6.000
 Product Width  6.000
 Temperature Range  Untested
 Color  Yellow
 Material Finish  Plating Yellow Chromate Class 1 Type 3
 Resistances  Yes - Oil, Water, Grease
 Packaging  Double wall corrugated / sectioned box / individual bags
 Special Features  Complete build / all manufacturing under one roof
 Secondary Operations Applied  Aluminum Dip Brazing AWS C3.7:M / C2.7:2005
 AWS C3.2M/3.2:2008, AWS B2.2/B2.2M:2010, Mil-B-7883
 Yellow Chromate Mil-DTL-5541
 Industry For Use  Aerospace / Military
 Design Work  Solid-Works Geometry
 Tooling Cost  None
 Shipping Cost  $0.85
 Standards Met  ISO 9001:2008
 Drawing Type Accepted  All common formats
 Volume  400 / year
 Delivery Time  12 weeks
 Delivery Location  Unknown

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