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Aluminum Dip Brazing 

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Aluminum Dip Brazing
Aluminum Dip Brazing

The Aluminum Dip Brazing process allows strong, uniform joining of multiple joints rapidly, inexpensively, and even simultaneously by modern brazing techniques. The resulting joints are leak-tight and EMI shielded. As the parts are uniformly heated with minimum fixturing only minor distortion results. This minor distortion is easily managed with proper tolerancing and design of components.

Our Aluminum Dip Brazing Department allows one stop shopping by incorporating a full service experience. Having multiple departments under one roof allows us to provide engineers basis requirements to get the best possible results while dip brazing. Once designed we can provide improved lead times, quality and ultimately price based on a smoother communication flow. Now Dip Brazing to Mil-B-7883 or the updated AWS C3.7m/C3.7:2005 requirements can be accomplished without multiple vendors or the need for unnecessary freight/delivery work.

Aluminum Dip Brazing Details:

Brazing Process                                                     High Temperature Aluminum Vacuum Brazing is a process in which aluminum components are joined together using alloy filler metal processed within a heat controlled vacuum chamber.  The process, once developed, can yield a highly consistent process for joining multiple aluminum components.
Brazing Alloys 718 AL (4047) / BAlSi-4
Materials Aluminum 6061 / 6063 / 6951 / 1100 / 3003 / 7005
Equipment PVT VBR work zone 36" High x 41" Wide x 60" Deep

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